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I’m Sell My Videogames


I’ve been selling my videogame collection. During my sales with the people of Craigslist a few have been asking if I’m a collector that “lost interest” - the answer is yes.

Because reasons:

  • I don’t play them anymore.

  • They take up space in my small apartment.

  • Old games also look like shit on modern TVs (unless you get an upscaler).

  • I hate the console business model.

  • Collecting is just organized hoarding.

I’m not quitting gaming or anything stupid like that I’ve just switched my gaming to Steam. A laptop hooked up to a TV with some Xbox 360 controllers takes up considerably less space than a bunch of different consoles.

I don’t regret buying all the games - entertainment has a cost. I enjoyed them but now it’s time to move on.

Videogames should be a compound word. We can make this happen if we work together, it worked for snowman!

Dude Google is a silly short video about search engine easter eggs. We have some ambitious videos with lots of props and effects coming up.

Got laser eye corrective surgery recently, might be the last video you’ll see me with (non-prop) glasses.

Rob Takes a Poo
One of our weirder videos - I hope this doesn’t become a series.

A 2 minute Video Update where we talk about stuff we’ve done, how we have some new posters for sale and we’re trying to get rid of our shirts. Watch the video at YouTubes or for more info read the blog post at TrueNuff Blog. got hired to make a Kickstarter Video! I have a cameo as an annoying “Linuxy" interrupting character. The project was a lots of fun and it’s been a while since we did a custom video for other peeps. Anyhoo if you think the Kickstarter project is cool kick them a few bucks and get a cool custom character out of it.

I also wrote more about it at TrueNuff Blog which you should totally be following instead of this blog.

Dunnos about this Yahoo CEO…

The photo here just seemed mad photoshoppable.




Yeah I haven’t blogged in a while, DEAL WITH IT.

A New Blurg Prost

Yo dawgs, this blog isn’t just all cool gifs and videogame related pictures sometimes I just post boring stuff like this:

New video over at called Haunted - if you want to know when new videos are posted I strongly encourage you to sign up for Email Updates at the site. I also wrote a blog post about how I literally dreamed up the sketch “Haunted” that you can read over at TrueNuff Blog.

I have been playing Towerfall: Ascension and the hype was totes warranted. The gameplay is awesome. I even bought 2 more Xbox controllers for my PC to try and get some “couch gaming” nights going. My only gripe with Towerfall is that the graphics are almost too retro-pixelated and would have prefered Spelunky HD type graphics but eventually the art grew on me.


I might have a problem with buying shirts from the internet so I’ve started documenting the addiction at my Flickr - will try to update that as I remember. 

Uh, that’s all for now.

But first let me take a selfie.

I want to play this game but it just seems like too much work…