I'm threeboy and this blog contains comics, gifs and other stuff I do.

But first let me take a selfie.

I want to play this game but it just seems like too much work…

Slow down! Megaman at play.

They’re going with a really weird poster for next season of The Walking Dead. In the comic they merely implied that the characters pooped so this is just another example of a change that will infuriate fanboys.

Hold on gotta drop an Andrew Lincoln Log.

One of these days @jrai and I are going to get these shirts made and wear them all the time.

We came up with the idea for this sketch in 2004, filmed it in Summer of 2013, and released it in 2014. Are you guys getting sick of hearing how long ago we keep ideas and/or edit? Heh.

We have a sketch coming up called “RPG” that we filmed Summer 2012 that has been sitting in our editing queue because it has a ton of green screen and honestly it scares me. If you watch the video above you’ll see we still haven’t quite nailed green screen stuff. Ah well, if any bigtime Hollywood producers are reading this and want to give us a ton of money we will re-shoot all our videos and try way harder.

Kinda serious.

Methinks I’ve become a bit of a like junkie. Every time my phone gets a like or reblog notification like with the maximus gif, or vader cat vine, or even my pot comic I get a tiny bit of joy.

The maximus gif it only got 3 points on Reddit but still managed to generate nearly 3000 views on Imgur that shit just fascinates me - who knows maybe that’s why I made LikeChecker.

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Tumblr Thoughts

Updated my blog theme a bit - after how many hacks and modifications does it become a complete custom theme? Heh.

More tumblr thoughts:

  • I like that my gladiator gif is getting some fav/reblog action - even though the movie is 14 years old.
  • Speaking of the aforementioned gif - it was too big to animate on the iPhone Tumblr app - didn’t know there was a size limit but I shrunk the dimensions it and it works now.
  • Speaking of the aforementioned iPhone app - I like that I can compose posts using HTML.
  • Speaking of the aforementioned posts I don’t like that Tumblr posts don’t have subjects (with the exception of text posts).
  • Speaking of the aforementioned… okay this one isn’t related: I don’t like the auto generated mobile theme but I’ll probs surpress it and hack this theme to go responsive.


I also don’t like how Gladiator is 14 years old - it’s old enough to post to a tumblr!

Made a custom twitter avatar for some dude on twitter. There are couple variations at my DeviantArt - do people even still use that site!? 

brb gonna update my LiveJournal…

This must have been from the extended edition.